SPF Police@SG Mobile App

Police@SG is the latest initiative from the Singapore Police Force, which gives members of public access to useful information on the go. With Police@SG, everyone will have the following services at their fingertips:

  • View the crime statistics around your neighbourhood

  • Read the latest crime news, police appeals for information and missing persons

  • Locate the nearest police station from your current location

  • Share content on Facebook and Twitter

  • View videos from the Singapore Police Force

  • Links to Singapore Police Force homepage, recruitment and social media sites

The Singapore Police Force – A Force for the Nation

SPF Police@SG Mobile App

SPF Police@SG Mobile App

Singapore Police Force

People’s Association PAssion Card Mobile App

The PAssion Card is a membership card of the People’s Association. Besides offering members’ exclusive privileges for our exciting range of courses, activities and programmes, the PAssion Card also offers unique promotions via our tie-ups with other lifestyle merchants and partners.

With this application, you’ll receive the latest updates on PAssion Card promotions and happenings on-the-go! Want to find out how many TapForMore points you have accumulated so far at Cold Storage, Market Place, Shop N Save, Giant and/or Guardian Health & Beauty stores? Now you can. And, that’s not all! Members get to download exclusive E-coupons which are only available here and nowhere else.


People's Assocation

I2R Video Player

This project is a collaboration with I2R to build a custom video player component for Android and iOS using their proprietary video engine. The video player component features high performance video rendering using native Open GL and the capability for multi view configurations in a single application.

I2R Video Player

Scalable Multimedia Platform


The A*STAR Data Analytics and Exchange platform (A*DAX) is part of Singapore’s “Smart Nation” initiative to effectively manage, integrate and analyze large data sets collected from public and private sectors.

The A*DAX GIS solution is built on top of an open standards geospatial platform to integrate with A*DAX for effective management of geospatial data. Such integration is invaluable for performing advanced visualization and analytics of geographical data, e.g. visualization of demand for public transport systems and GIS modeling and simulation.

A Star

Intel Augmented Reality Game

A game designed to showcase the capabilities of the Intel Atom platform, built using state-of-the-art computer vision and augmented reality technologies. Players go on a treasure hunt with an Intel Atom tablet computer, using its camera to search for images to unlock points in a limited time frame.

The Look Inside Quest

Intel Augmented Reality Game