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Alvin Neo – Director

Confident, creative and experienced professional accomplished at project managing and programme managing helping to create new and existing products and projects for company’s foot print, revenue and relations. Alvin is also familiar with creating/capitalizing on networks, liaisons, hardware and software products and projects.

Successful in managing products and projects with both supplier and customer organisations. Alvin excels when handling core operations for business development and project management disciplines to increase the company’s presence, sales and earnings.

Alvin relects over general and hot button topics in his free time, loves meeting people to bounce ideas and views. Also doubles up as a delivery driver on a weekly basis.

Kin Chye – Software and Systems

Cipher, Crypto virtuoso versed in Java Enterprise development and consultancy. Also comfortable with other languages such as .NET, C/C++ and OpenGL, other platforms like Android and iOS, and server infrastructure work (system and network administration).Kin Chye keenly drives, supports and complements customer’s needs with his Business Analyst function to restructure and streamline projects, having strong background in identifying potential issues and refactoring to solve them.

Kin Chye spends his free time mastering and performing magic. His greatest trick is “nothingness” doing his own thing, in his private life, keeping it private…

Rachel Won – Creative

With more than a decade of design and creative experiences, Rachel specialises in Graphics and Web designs and company branding as well. She is part of the Featured Story at SP Media Department. Her passion is into learning and understanding your business and requirements then conceptualising and generating creative work and designs suitable for your needs and more.

Rachel is also actively involved in working with Non-Profit Organisations.

Boon – Audio Visual

Experienced multi disciplined Audio Visual maestro that excels in audio setup and tuning, photography for High Definition and Gigapano Virtual Tours, videography for commercial projects. Not forgetting the post editing work such as Digital Imaging, Audio programming, Decoding and Encoding.

In his free time, he loves spending time with his lovely ladies… The love of his life and the 2 darlings in his family.

Gabriel Tan – Project Management and Systems

With 9 years project management experience Gabriel is a PMI certified project manager and is also fluent with system analysis and system designs, he is also cross disciplined in .NET development and has handled projects ranging from logistic systems for Small Medium Enterprises (SME) to multi-vendor global projects for Multinational Corporations.

Ever the bookworm, Gabriel enjoys reading up on world political evolution and op-eds on sites such as Harvard Business Review.


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