Museums and Galleries

Zwaan provides technology solutions for Museums and Galleries. We have been providing product photography, Virtual Reality Tours, Photorealistic 3D model creations. Our commitment towards this area is to provide the highest quality, most premium product and services at an affordable price.

We continually embark on researching new technologies and improvements to our offerings, from providing panoramic Virtual Tours in only linear view to now providing professional 360 High Dynamic Range Virtual Tours with a host of features embedded such as stitched seamless videos with 3D sound, analytics, geolocation, interactive hotspots, 3D audio, gyroscope.. the list of improvements and features are limited only by current technology. Due to our research and investment in this area, we are also able to provide Giga resolution Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality Headset Virtual Tours

Some of our deliveries are included below.

Product Photography


  • Canon camera in 360 view
  • Singapore Philatelic Museum DC Superheroes stamps
  • National Museum of Singapore In Memorial: Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) Red ministerial box

Virtual Tour development


  • National Heritage Board’s Virtual Reality Tours
  • Nanyang Technological University’s Virtual Reality Tours
  • ChinaTown Heritage Centre’s Virtual Reality Tour
  • Public Utilities Board ABC Waters Virtual Reality Tour

Photo Realistic 3D


  • Nanyang Technological University Virtual Museum
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs 3D building
  • Air Force 3D aircrafts
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