Private Sector

Zwaan is growing our presence in the private sector with successful ICT projects and services from small to large. IT management has been called the black hole of the back office. It’s a drain on resources, money, and most of all, time—time you don’t have. Business executives responsible for IT are looking for a qualified partner to take IT management off of their hands.

With Total IT Management, we manage, maintain and support your entire IT infrastructure for one monthly fee, whether your equipment is at your location or our data centers. We also offer a hybrid approach—we can host some of your servers (or other equipment) in our data centers while we manage other equipment at your location.


Peace of Mind Means Choice

Many of the managed IT services included in Total IT Management are available a la carte. We’ll work closely with you to make sure your particular needs are met.

Our project management consulting services have an impressive track record of providing our clients with proven solutions that are both effective and cost-efficient. Not only do our consultants have the experience to roll-up their sleeves to help drive your high-priority project to successful completion, but they also have the expertise to mentor your personnel through the process of adopting a more structured approach. If you require a customized approach, the project management consulting personnel will work with your organization to deliver near-term successes on your projects while moving your organization in the right direction.

Some of our deliveries are included below.

Projects, design and development

  • Intel PixelArt Android Augmented Reality Game
  • IBM Smarter Cities Smartboard presentation 2012
  • Shell Marine eBarge
  • Frasers Singapore Lifestyle Corporate Website
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